The Mother of Dragons

The Automaton

Visual Thinking - Fall 2018

Create a mechanical figure or contraption that presents an engaging scene.

Partners: Brad Immel, Khoi Le, Brooke Redington


Mechanisms and movements

Mechanisms in context of theme

Theme and mechanism brainstorm

Mechanism Sketches

Many of the cams were worked out quickly, but the mechanisms that posed more of a challenge were those that incorporated more complicated motion. I wanted to include a carousel-like component that displayed both rotational and vertical motion. Below are the process sketches of the initial design.


This was a massively important step in our design process as it allowed us to try out features like the carousel and a drum component without worrying about having the polish of a finished piece. It was also helpful in figuring out what placement of mechanisms made the most sense to have a compelling, complete scene that could truly come to life.

Carousel component prototype

Automaton prototype

Finished Product

A very proud (and exhausted) team

On display at the design showcase

Hand crank detail shot

A better look at the mechanisms 

Hand placement affordance

The new and the old

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