A collaborative understanding of modern times

Created by humans from all across the country  (and even across the pond), this zine series hosts a collection of art created from and about lockdown. 

As we all try to figure out who we are and how we feel in this ever-changing world, our art acts as a reflection of this uncertainty and processing.

Vol. 1, published 4/27/2020

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Vol. 2, published 5/29/2020

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Vol. 3, published 7/29/2020

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Vol. 4, published 9/15/2020

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Created to connect

I conceived the zine in the early months of lockdown as a way to reach out to my friends who were now strewn across the country.

 The zine became both a creative outlet and an opportunity to make something tangible together with my friends. 

le corps, Anissa Foster

A vital outlet

As the months bore on, the zine remained a source of connection, but also of reflection.

Each volume of the zine captures a different stage of the conceptualization of these rapidly changing times.

Self Portrait, Lily Hartenstein

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