The Graphic Novel Project

20 weeks. 11 students. 1 book.

During this two-quarter course, I dove into the world of comics. In the first quarter, our class learned about comic book mechanics while reading and discussing different works of illustrated storytelling. During this time, we also created our own mini comics, and in the process learned about panel blocking, narrative flow, and the power of a page turn. 

After becoming more comfortable with the medium of comic books, each student pitched an idea for the collaborative novel and we chose to bring to life the story and the struggles of the prisoners in solitary confinement. The remaining time was spent thumbnailing, penciling, inking, then digitally remastering and coloring the pages on Photoshop, and finally adding and editing the dialogue using InDesign. 

The takeaway from this class was renewed knowledge of the power of communication and collaboration. It was incredible to see our story come together and grow with every discussion and late night. 

Full book available to read here.

The Making Of

Creating a comic in this setting was a highly collaborative experience, with each phase completed by a different person with class review and feedback every step of the way.

On the right is a thumbnail, or the skeleton of a page.

Pencil and ink on Bristol board

Ink after Photoshop touch up

Final page with color and text

Fresh Off the Press

The People That Made It Happen

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