Plana Terra

Artist Statement

I find the connections between nature and mathematics fascinating - I love how hard humans try to tease numbers and patterns out of plants and other natural forms. Recently I have been interested by the connection between plant growth and the fibonacci series, in part inspired by the art and research done by John Edmark. In my piece, I utilized “golden triangles,” or isosceles triangles whose side lengths hold the golden ratio, which can be approximated by the ratio of successive terms in the fibonacci series. I chose deep ocean blue and earthy brown fabrics to evoke the natural ties that inspired the geometry that defines the tapestry. My title, Plana Terra, Latin for Flat Earth, recalls the loose connection between the inspiration and the reality - although the golden angle is something with ties to the natural world, the beauty of my piece is from the consequences of calculated geometry and curated layout.


Process Photos

Finished Product

On Display

My piece was selected to be a part of The Gallery, a student-run art showcase that displayed student work.

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