Slim Pac

From problem to product.

What Bugs You?

Visual Thinking - Fall 2018

Utilize the approach of human-centered design to identify and find a solution for a "bug" found in daily life.

Identifying Bugs

The first step in the project was to think of different poorly designed products and services that are encountered in everyday life.

Here are the first 13 of the 100 bugs I brainstormed.

Developing Solutions

The second step was to choose two bugs that have the most potential for an interesting or useful solution and then brainstorm many solutions for each bug. For my final two bugs, I chose biking with an open beverage and the general shortcomings of backpacks.

After brainstorming solutions for both bugs, I decided to go forward with the backpack bug. I then created a storyboard detailing my proposed solution: Slim Pac - a backpack optimized for college students. 


I used fleece and cardboard to create my prototype, working out the dimensions and making sure that all of the features were functional in practice.

Finished Product

Final Presentation

Your backpack sucks!

Backpacks are not created with the college experience in mind.

They are often larger than they need to be and a pain to take through lecture halls, dining halls, and lines at CoHo.

Let's say you are late to class and need to pull out your laptop - you first have to get through and army of zippers.

 Or, your big, new insulated water bottle doesn't fit - and even if it does, it unbalances your whole backpack.

Also, most atrociously, it is not uncommon to drop $50 or more on this thing that just carries your other things!

Introducing Slim Pac, the college optimized backpack.

It's slim profile is optimized for carrying laptops and standard folders - it even fits your log book.

It looks sleek and is easy to take through crowded hallways.

With less torque on your back, it is easy to bike with too - and it is still able to hold everything!

The center-balanced sleeve houses your water bottle securely and makes it easy to remove and replace your bottle without having to take the whole pack off.

It also has a separate, padded laptop pouch designed for ease of access, as well as designated storage for pens, pencils, and earbuds.

It's waterproof top flap and base keeps your items dry and safe.

Not only can you fit your all your items in the Slim Pac - Slim Pac fits within a college budget too!

Now ask yourself, why don't you have a Slim Pac?

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