The Special Place

A photography project that culminated in a book honoring my freshman laundry experience - created with my friend and fellow washing machine appreciator Jake Restaino.

Artist Statement

The act of doing laundry is too often overlooked as a tedious chore in the way of the rest of life. However, during my first year of college, the laundry room in the basement of my dorm became a place of wonder. The stream of humanity that coursed through that room was apparent in the migration of clothes, baskets, and eclectic items left behind and found again - I became enamored by all the life that happened between my weekly visits. I started to photograph the status of the laundry room (and the fun I had with my friends) during my weekly pilgrimage, hoping to capture each instant of the ever-changing landscape of laundry room D004.

By sharing this documentation of my freshman laundry room, I hope to encourage observers to take a fresh look at l their local laundry spot and search for the evidence of life that happens between each load.

Below are excerpts taken from the complete volume.

Printed and Bound

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